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Why Rescue?

Join the Cause

New research suggests there are 2.3 million individuals or 1.2 million households with the strong interest and capacity to adopt a homeless horse.

Behavioral issues, lameness, and lack of training are just some reasons why over 200,000 horses end up homeless every year. Rescues like Miracle Farm Rescue Foundation could use your help in many ways like adoptions or donations. You can make all the difference in a horse's life.


What We Do

At our M.F.R.F, we rescue, rehabilitate, and retrain horses from all walks of life. Our horses could be coming from the slaughter pipeline or neglect and abandonment cases. Regardless of their circumstance, each deserves a second chance and the ability to become the best horse they can be.


Where we are

Miracle Farm Rescue Foundation, Inc, is located at Miracle Farm LLC (est.1998). Located on a privet small farm, in Parkman Township, Ohio and became the home of M.F.R.F in 2002. 

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