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Aim To Victory

Jeffery AKA Yohan


Sunset Seven

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We want to ensure each horse is going to a safe home that can support them and their medical needs. Each prospective owner will be interviewed and made aware of the horse's history to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee a horse's lifelong health as we don't know their past, we can guarantee a companion you will love to be part of your family. 

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Aim To Victory is looking for a calm and welcoming forever home that will enjoy him forever.

Still looking for a new home for Jeffery AKA Yohan!! Only Looking to a friend to another horse.

Sunset Seven -Well here is one with all of the chrome you want!!! Straight off the track-saved before being sent to that unhappy place.....He is 5 great size-what a wonderful project horse!!!!! Very reasonable adoption fee-the better the home the lower the adoption fee!!!!!