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For The Love Of The Horse

M.F.R.F. was started with the dream of one woman with a passion.

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About Barbara Jane (BJ) Hartmann

Barbara “BJ” Hartmann has been an equestrian instructor and trainer for over 35 years, specializing in physically and mentally traumatized horses, scared riders and evaluation of improper behavior and movement assessment. I work with all disciplines: Hunter/Jumpers, Dressage, Saddleseat, Western, Racehorses and more… Since 1996 I have been giving demonstrations, lectures and sessions at various locations – horse facilities, private farms, 4-H clubs, pony clubs, dressage clubs, Horsefest Ohio, therapeutic riding centers, Findlay University, national expo’s including the Equine Affair in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002, Horse World Expo in 2002-2004, and also, the North Carolina Expo. Since 1996 I have competed in the Great Lakes Modern Pentathlon competition, a five-sport event involving fencing, pistol shooting, swimming, running and horse show jumping. I completed my video production in 2001 called Grooming For The Health Of Your Horse. This excellent video shows how to combine acupressure and sports massage into a daily grooming routine, which will improve a horse’s productivity and performance. I am a mother of three, and after competing and playing college basketball years ago I have continued the love of this sport by helping coach a local basketball team. I have been around horses since the first grade and competed in both the hunter/jumper circuit and Pinto circuit as a youth. After being crowned Pinto Queen of Ohio I was in a very serious car accident that left me partially disabled, which in turn led me to alternative modalities which has helped my success in my current profession. Barbara “BJ” Hartmann is the owner of Miracle Farm, Ohio’s first rehabilitation facility that merges traditional therapies with alternative modalities for horses, dogs and people. Miracle Farm is the home of Alternatives For All-the company that she founded in 1995. She attended Lakeland Community College and Cleveland State University. She is certified and trained in Human Sports Massage, Chiropractic Assisting, Equine Acupressure Level’s 1 & 2, Equine Sports Massage, Geobiology Research, Canine Acupressure Level1, Reiki Level 1 and small computer programming. She is the author of the video production “Grooming For The Health Of Your Horse” and the just-released book, The Missing Link-Understanding the True Connection between Horse and Rider . She has been featured on the radio and published in Enlightenment’s Magazine, Healthy Referral. Credentials and Training Click the image above to see one of BJ’s Certificates of Appreciation 2004/ 2001 – Studied equine biomechanics and movement assessment- Jean Luc Cornille, Virginia 2000 – Biodynamic, Dr. Klak, D.O., Maple Heights, Ohio 2000/ 1999 – Certified Human Sports Massage, Jack Beacon-National Institute of Massotherapy, Akron, Ohio 1999 – Cellular Memory Release, Shakura Rei-Ascending Star Clearings, Nine Mile Falls, Washington 1998 – Certified Equine Sports Massage, Optissage, Circleville, Ohio 1997 – Essential Foundations of Trigger Point Massotherapy, Taso Spanos, CTPM, B.S., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 1996 – Magnet Therapy, Mr. White, Detroit, Michigan 1995 – Certified Equine Acupressure Therapist, Equine Acupressure, Inc., Parker, Colorado 1995 – Certified Geobiology Research Associate, Slim Spurling, Golden, Colorado 1987/ 1985 – Undergraduate Biology Major-Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio 1985/ 1984 – Lakeland Community College-Undergraduate Biology, Kirtland, Ohio 1982 – Certified Chiropractic Assistant, Dr. Harry Walker, Dallas, Texas 1981/ 1980 – Lakeland Community College, Certificate in Programming Small Computers

 "When you've tried everything and nothing seems to work-give me a call, I can help!!!"

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